Stationary Towing
"The sky is not the limit, the ground is".
What is Stationary Towing ?
There are 3 basic methods of towing aloft.
Stationary, Payout and Aero towing.
Stationary towing, sometimes called scooter towing, the name is
derived from using a scooter as the basis for power / tension control,
is best used where driving a vehicle is not practical.
This may be in a park or sports field where driving on the grass would not
be allowed.
The stationary tow unit is secured and the tow line is pulled across the
field to a pilot, who hooks in to the tow line with a bridal that employs
some type of release. When ready the pilot signals the tow operator to
begin. Power is added to wind in the tow line pulling the pilot into the air.
By controlling the speed and tension on the tow line, the tow operator
can maintain the pilots altitude from several feet to several hundred feet
above the ground.
The Stationary winch is a good tool to help prepare students for higher
longer tows with a pay-out winch.
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