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Learning to Paraglide with
SDI Paragliding Academy
The P2 course program - $2,000 (minus intro lesson)
This licenses you to fly paragliders legally at regulated sites
around the US and fly safely without the direct supervision of
an instructor.

This course has no set duration.  It is our philosophy that by
not limiting the number of lessons, we can make a safer pilot.
That means, for one flat rate you will be part of the program.
We'll schedule lessons around the weather and your
availability. You'll work with USHPA certified instructors and
learn on provided equipment (wings, harnesses, radios, and
the famous
Airtime Solutions airsport winch). We have
prepared a curriculum to make sure that you enter the
paragliding world with the skills needed to enjoy this beautiful
sport with confidence.  

As a very rough estimate, and for the purpose of planning, you
can expect it to last around 10 flying days that last at least 3
hours each.

We provide equipment during your instruction to allow you to
start experiencing flight without the commitment of buying
gear. However, we value your loyalty and expect that you buy
equipment from at the completion of the P2 Course Program.
This allows us to provide you a competitive price, instruction,
and help in selecting appropriate equipment. If you chose to
purchase equipment from us prior to beginning the course, the
cost of the P2 course will be lowered to $1500

To make the entry hurdle low, we allow you to pay 200 dollars
a session. Though that wont limit you to only 10 sessions.

We are available Mondays through Saturday. You suggest
your first available day to schedule and we will get into contact
a few days before to confirm that weather is cooperating, and
the time and place. If weather doesn't work out, we like to be
able to reschedule immediately.

most common locations are Johnny Cake Ridge Park,
Hayfield Minnesota down south by Rochester and Cosmos
Minnesota out west past Hutchinson.

The P2 Course Program includes a membership to USHPA
the United States Paragliding Association.
Intro lesson - $200
Your first session, the intro lesson
is 1-2 days during which you learn
ground handling and take a small
flight, solo or tandem. This is to
help you see what paragliding and
the P2 course program entails and
so that you can decide if you want
to continue on with the sport. The
price of the intro is included as a
payment towards the P2 course
program should you choose to

Tandems flights - $150
A flight with a certified tandem pilot
for those who are interested in
learning paragliding, but would like
to try a flight first. Flights usually
last around 30min.
P-2 Certification Requirements