A little about our Team
Anna has been around flying all her life.
Her Dad had been a Hang Glider Pilot
since before she was born. When she
decided it was time to have her own wing,
she wanted one of those "Para- Wings".
Dad, wanting the best for his first born
Super-Fly Paragliding. They
had come highly recommended and
he wasn't about to trust his daughter's
health & safety to just anyone.
Scotty Marion was her first instructor,
and as dad prepared to relax and watch,
Scotty said "Hey Dad I have equipment
for you too". When Anna can get away
from raising her two young children, she
helps with Intro lessons and towing.
Jonathan was the reluctant pilot-not to
keen on altitude, he had 200 hours of
ground handling before his first flight
off the south side Point of the
Mountain, Utah. He would have a
blast inflating his Edel Super Space
and chasing around (Rotor Park)
With his friend Michael on his Stellar.
Eventually after getting a little altitude
from hand towing with Dad, he
became more and more comfortable
with height.For those of you that may
be apprehensive about heights Jon
can definitely relate. He will be very
understanding with you.Jonathan has
Advanced  over the years and
is now a USHPA certified paragliding
Instructor and Tow tech
Steve, USHPA Certified paragliding Instructor, Tow tech and
ST Tow Administrator
loves to fly! He started the great adventure
May 5th,1982 with a free ground school & half price Intro lesson for
Hang Gliding, put on by Dave Rodriguez of Wasatch Wings in Draper
Utah. He was hooked instantly, And got an average 100 hrs airtime
per year until a job transfer took him away from the point in 1994
He was perfectly happy flying Hang gliders until His firstborn had to
do her own thing and started asking questions about those "Para
wings",  Research led him to the guys at Super- Fly. Scotty Marion,
Jeff Farrell & Chris Santacroce.
After some initial lessons he bought 2 "kiting wings" for practice at
home. The family grew into what is now SDI Paragliding Academy.
Steve's favorite thing to do now is introduce people to the sport of
Paragliding. Steve is also the owner of Sirrine Design and Innovation-
a manufacturing consultant- specialising in precision bore sizing and
the Inventor of The Airtime Solutions airsport winch.
Andrei is our Tandem rated Competition pilot
and brings a lot to SDI Paragliding Academy.
Andrei started paragliding in 1996 in his
homeland of Romania. 1998 he earned his
tandem and instructor's license. That same year,
he entered his first competition and always
finished within the top 5. In 2001, he finished 2nd
in the Romanian National Championship.
Andrei also ran his own paragliding business until
2003, when he moved to America with his family.
Andrei is looking forward to competing in the U.S
and traveling to some new flying sites, In between
being a full-time instructor with SDI paragliding.
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Neil is part of the Sirrine family from Arizona.
After meeting up with the team in Florida for a
Paragliding tow competition, he came back to
Minnesota. There he took to the skies, gaining
some airtime for himself and put his Towing skills
to work with local pilots and students. He has
gained experience quick and plans on sticking
around to help spread the dream, as long as the
weather is warm of course.